Lets Talk Wigs..

Hello Protective style Village,

Lets talk WIgs..

U-Parts, closure wigs, V-Parts, lace front, silk closures, full lace, half wigs, 360 wigs and a whole lot more then what I just mentioned, The wig game is extremely intense, people are completely in love the fact that they can protect their natural hair from the elements, and themselves; and still achieve a flawless look. I am not a wig wearer however, I do have steak in the weave and wig community.

See I've been a stylist for 20 years. The wig game has elevated to new heights since I have been in the haircare and styling industry. The way wigs are applied and manicured like custom fit units is simply incredible. Not only is it slayed to the gods, it is flawless in the execution of laying the wig. The baby hair have been carved out and laid down seamlessly, creating the most natural hair line. The glue has become so much better and stronger, the hold is so intense you can actually swim with your unit on.

The different hair textures that the wigs are offered in lend to the wig community a new wave of "natural looking" wigs. Instead of the hair looking silky straight like doll hair, the textures come in a wide variety and can be colored to look exactly like it is your hair. The wigs look and feel so natural it is insane.. Don't even get me started on "The Melt" that's when the lace closure or frontal is colored so well that it matches your skin complexion, scalp color, and hair color so well that the lace literally gives the illusion that it disappears when it is laid on your skin. 

Caring for your hair under the wig is where sometimes there is a loss in translation. It is one of the most difficult things to do is to learn practical hair care. Executing different ways to care for your hair under the wig by cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, detangling, trimming and ultimately tending to your natural God given curls and coils under the wig..

The Hair Honey Box set is the perfect fix to your thirsty, vitamin D deficient crown under the wig! New wIgs are the wave of present day, they are an amazing trend, but your hair is everlasting and it deserves proper care and respect. Use the Hair Honey detangle brush to properly brush through the natural hair that may be tangled. Shampoo your hair and cleanse your scalp with the Mega Moisture Shampoo and deeply hydrate your hair with Hair Honey Mega Rich Moisture Conditioner. Treat your scalp with Hair Honey Growth Oil, and braid your hair down so you can healthily cover your crown with that beautiful full lace wig and shine bright like a diamond. Please forget to follow up with Hair Honey's incredible Edge Control, even though baby hair is not my personal favorite I'm sure its yours, and for that enjoy this slick little jewel and tame those edges on top or over that long and beautiful wig.


April Marie Hair Honey Co Founder & CEO