Men's Beard Hair Care

Hello from the Hair Growth Universe,

Let's talk full beards, beard growth and beard fullness. How is the beard gang intimidating you? Is your beard feeling full and is your beard growing? Let's not even mention the softness of your beard.. 

When I was a young girl, my father always had a beard! I would hear the keys in the door and I knew it was my dad coming home from his long day at work and the first thing he wanted to do was kiss my mother, and hug and squeeze me, and my siblings to get his restful evening started. Upon our nightly greeting my bearded father would scoop me up into his big strong arms and hug me so tight. I would reach out and place my hand on his frizzy, dry, long and coily beard. That's the only beard I knew and it was enchanting to me. I would proceed to kiss his cheek and through all of the frizzy wires and scratchy beard hair I would try my hardest to reach his cheek skin. That was my comfort. That was all I knew. As I grew older, Daddy would reach down and give me a bear hug and gently rub his scratchy beard back and forth on my cheek. This no longer was the fun part of our interaction. I would always say, "Ouch daddy, your beard scratched me!" He would let out a deep hardy laugh and say, "Aww Baby, I'm sorry!" but he would do it again the next day! I knew then, that beards should be soft and long and not scratchy and dry. 

Beard Care has not always been essential in the world of self care. Over the last few years, there has been a shift in self care. The Beard care industry has shifted and beard care is the new priority. A well groomed man with a shiny and soft beard is second to none.

When I became a Hair Care professional, I always knew that I wanted to create space for all of our beautiful hair to be equally cared for. So if it's the hair on our heads or the hair on our face, it can be soft, shiny, supple, sleek, and truly cared for from the follicle to the ends. 

Beard Hair can be soft and does not have to be dry or patchy. Beards can be cared for and truly give a man the confidence that he needs to be at the top of his beard game. Hey Beard Gang, We are not having any Beard-Timidation here! We are helping patchy beards thicken up, and dry beards get softer to the touch.

The solution to your dry, scratchy beard, as I used to call my fathers, is Drip Beard Oil. This oil is packed with all of the essential oil that will stimulate hair growth, soften your beard hair, and will not compromise your facial skin. Power packed with Vitamin E, Aragon Oil, Jojoba oil, Tea Tree, Grapeseed Oil and  scented with Lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, and other amazing 100% organic essential oils. Your beard hair will feel so good and you will be so thankful.

With Hair Honey Love,

Boss Queen Bee April Marie